UK Requirements for Filipino Job Applicants

Good news to those looking for jobs in the United Kingdom: there are almost 150,000 job vacancies available at the moment. The bad news: not all who wish to apply are aware of the requirements to qualify to land those jobs.

This was revealed by recruitment consultant Emmanuel Geslani said Filipino professionals like scientists, environmental specialists, information technology and telecoms specialists, health care workers, teachers, marketing executives, and social care personnel “are still in the wanted list” in the UK.

But he said the entry of qualified applicants into the Kingdom would depend on the points-based system introduced by its Borders and Immigration System in 2008. It requires that overseas nationals wanting to enter the UK undergo a managed immigration program with a five-tier system.

“This means depending on the category of (the) visa, you will be permitted to live and work in the UK, seek and undertake employment, establish a business, invests or be self-employed,” he said.

Under the Tier 1 permit system, highly skilled individuals like engineers, information technology specialists, and marketing professionals would not be required to have job offers before filing for an application to enter the UK.

“It is your credentials that are assessed and if you have 75 points accumulated then you are qualified to apply for a Tier 1 visa. Points are based on age, experience, academic degrees like PhDs or Masters, and present income of from 18,000 to 40,000 British pounds,” he said.

He added that the worker must be proficient in the English language and can support himself or herself and any dependents without using public funds.

If an applicant is successful, he or she would have the right to immigrate to the Kingdom and have full and free access to the UK employment market.

Under Tier 2, teachers, nurses, and engineers may qualify. But under this category, a job offer or a sponsor registered with the UK Border Agency is necessary to process the application.

Applicants under this should have a minimum of 70 points in skills assessment and must have a score of 7.0 in the International English Language Testing System. A job in the shortage occupation list, qualifications like Bachelor, Masters, and PhD degrees, and income also gain them additional points.

Geslani said Tier 2 visas would offer successful applicants a “potential route” for a permanent settlement in the UK, wherein they can become eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain and a path to British citizenship after five years.

Dependents like spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner and/or dependent children below 18 would also be allowed to join the worker as long as he or she is capable of supporting them.

On the other hand, low-skilled workers or seasonal types of work would fall under Tier 3 while international games participants, church workers, and charity volunteer fall under Tier 5. Visas for both categories only allow a limited period of stay.

Tier 4 visas are likewise not intended as a route to residency in the UK or British naturalization but it would provide qualified applicants the possibility of transferring to a work permit under Tier 2.

“The fastest route available for Filipino health care workers, dentists, pharmacists, HRM graduates who want to reach the UK is through the Tier 4 student visa category, which requires the educational institution to accept the student,” said Geslani.

Under the student work program introduced by international job consultancies, more than 4,000 Filipinos have been granted student visas since 2008.

The UK Border Agency has, meanwhile, said that it will intensify its drive against fraudulent visa applications in the Philippines.

james says:

Filipinos are the most stupid and lazy people I've seen!

Princess Dollaga says:

Hi. I would like to inquire for any job vacancies anywhere in United Kingdom. I am a Registered Nurse from Philippines. I finished my Bachelors Degree at Davao Doctors College. Recently, I'm working in a Tertiary Hospital in General Santos City as a Pediatric Nurse. I handled neonates, infants until 18years old. I also handled critical patients in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

aiza guevrra says:

hi i am aiza guevarra,finding a 24 yrs old.i find a job,even chambermaid or housekeeping.

Ime says:

Hi, i applied as an office assistant in Leos Associates Limited in UK. I was hired. They offered free employee visa, free accomodation, paid vacation, free flight ticket and 2500 GBP salary monthly. They already sent me the employment contract, the sponsorship certificate and the letter of appointment which im going to sen to the UK Border Agency for the processing of the Non-EEA working permit. All applicatioon was done online, thru e-mail. Just want to ask if the payment for the Non-EEA working visa permit is thru Western Union? Is it necessary to process the visa in the UK when they have an agency here in the philippines? thanks!

AnnaBanana says:

No payment should be made via Western Union. This is what many scammers do.

Marjorie says:

hi i am a environmentalist graduate here in Philippines and my major is socio ecology,what is my opportunity to come there in Uk. thanks

Josh says:

I'm only a high school grad but has been working for 18 years as an IT programmer/consultant and administrator. A wide background in SAP/SQL/Networking though I don't have certificates. I've been to government agency and corporate as well, previous positions were MIS/IT supervisor and now as a manager. Got my skills through-out experience. do I have the chance in migrating and land a job in the kingdom? BTW, I'm 43 yrs old.

Manuel says:

naaah.. youre too old for it… sorry..

Keith C. Thorogood says:

I'm not sure why we allow so many Muslim immigrants into the UK (a Christian country) since many of them seem to hate us, appear determined to undermine us and if they have their way will eventually rule us. Some of them, indeed, live on welfare benefits and therefore contribute nothing to the economy. Yet when i make enquiries on behalf of a Filipina friend – a Christian from another Christian country, the Philippines, who'd like to work here and make the UK her home – i'm told she must have sufficient qualifications to be offered employment earning her no less than £20,000 a year. Unfortunately she has no such qualifications. But so what if she's only able to work as a cleaner or do some other menial job on a much lower income? At least she'd be contributing to the UK economy by paying her taxes and would no doubt be abiding by our laws and definitely NOT be trying to undermine our Christian ways and values!

JJp says:

Well add U.S.A. to that list….Because many muslims are considerably rich or meeting the "middle class status" defined by a 1st world country. A middle class people in the Philippines are considerably "poor" based on how the 1st world countries defined it…

Troy says:

Excuse me but i have a filipino wife too, she has an uncle who we recently visited in the philippines, he was very accomodating and showed us around all over the place, I would like to return the favour and invite him to the UK for a holiday and eventually settle down, what do you think our chances would be of getting him over here ?
Thanks for your advice,
Troy Havenhand ([email protected])

Sue Charalambous says:

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Joyce says:

Working visa under tier 1 is very hard to get. Tier 2 can be only be achieved if a willing company will sponsor the visa for you but due to the country's economic situation right now they don't want to go through the hassle so they would get an employee within EU that has same qualifications as you do. Very disheartening for a hopeful applicant outside EU.

Reza says:

You are absolutely right Ms. Joyce. I think i belong to Tier 2 since i am a teacher. I am very interested to work in UK and it seems that chances are so slim. Still, i am hopeful. Have a nice day.

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